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Epson Head Why need locked? First locked and second locked difference?
Epson print head locked for the following reasons:1, to protect their own patented products;2, is conducive to ensuring that their brand market share;3, is conducive to the prevention of counterfeit products.The following are the same as the "Epson head frist locked and second locked head difference?    Recently, the market appeared on the use of Epson (EPSON) second locked head universal printer , then the second locked and frist locked What is the difference? Here we make a simple analysis:   Epson (EPSON) shortly after the introduction of the locked head, it was universal printer / pictorial machine manufacturers quickly cracked, because the locked algorithm is simple, a little analysis, can be a perfect crack, crack after a locked and non-locked head Speed, the amount of ink and life, there is no difference, can be used normally.    After an locked head was cracked, Epson (EPSON) company carefully summed up, learn from the lessons, and then start the locked second locked work, the lcoked, Epson (EPSON) company adopted a more rigorous algorithm. The market, including five generations, seven generations and 5113 head, including a variety of heads have been added to the second password, in view of the more stringent locked algorithm, second locked head, from the strict sense, it is impossible to achieve a real crack. So why is there still on the market using the second locked head of the pictorial machine / universal printer? The situation is this:     Some pictorial machine / universal printer manufacturers in order to use the second locked head, to take a compromise approach:    "Let the head of the eight rows of one-fifth of the hole, that is, four rows of holes to work, the other four rows of holes to compensate for the first four columns of the hole when the work of the defects, simply say that only eight rows of only four In the real work, the other four are doing nothing. "  So the use of head, the result is that the print speed and ink consumption reduced by half, that is only half of the normal circumstances. Manufacturers to make up for the above shortcomings, the use of the drive voltage and ignition frequency to increase the extreme practice, increased the head of the workload, which, it may bring the head to seriously shorten the consequences of life. According to estimates, in the current use of this environment, the second locked head life is only a quarter of the original head. Resulting in second locked head picture machine head / universal printer head life is also easy to explain.  In view of this situation, to remind customers to buy a picture machine / universal printer, be sure to make a clear understanding of the head situation.Jucaili printer machine using the head as follows: 1. Epson dx5 print head  2. Epson dx7 print head 3. Epson 5113 headIf you have any questions about the print head, or would like to know the printer machine, please contact me (whatsapp : +8613025175119)  
About Ink
Inkjet ink is a special colored gel, its role is to record patterns on paper or cloth boxes and other materials. Three main components of the ink includes pigments, resins and solvents. The printing ink includes a solvent mixture in the material, with the evaporation of the solvent, resin and firmly bonded to the pigment material to form a patternDigital inkjet ink can be divided into water based and solvent resistance. Let's say the advantages and disadvantages of various inks 1.water based dye ink: advantages of bright colors that, because he is made of water,volatilization of water, there is no harm to the environment, more environmentally friendly;drawback is that it is easy to fade, generally only used indoors.2. Pigment ink: the advantage of good lightfastness, the drawback is relatively dark color.3. The water-based sublimation ink: a bit that can be transferred to a different medium, not only the paper. Such as ceramics, glass. Many different media can be transferred in the past; drawback is relatively cumbersome procedures, and higher prices.4. The oil-soluble ink: As the oil-soluble pigment ink is made, the advantage of tasteless, good lightfastness;
High Temperature Operate Printer Notes
Summer season, various regions have ushered in a season of high temperature, at high temperature conditions, operating printer of what it should be noted.In general, the printer of the work environment is a certain requirement, the temperature at 25-35 degrees better, too high a temperature will make main board of the printer stop working due to high temperature, causing the printing is interrupted, so in the hot summer months, We must control the printer of the work of the indoor temperature to prevent equipment overheating condition occurs.If the device needs to work long hours, you need to take measures to cool the device can be used to open the way for a fan for cooling equipment, fans do not pay attention to the alignment screen and print head are performed blowing straight, to avoid interference with the print head, the best conditions to open air conditioning.
Print Head Cleaning and Maintenance
Large format printer machine print heads in the daily maintenance, the clogging of the printhead occurs if you need to clean the printheads, cleaning methods are as follows: Epson print head cleaning method: 1, comes with photo machine head cleaning: can maintain functionality through pictorial automatic cleaning. 2, pumping ink wash: Mexican trucks in the initial position, using a syringe with a hose connected to the waste ink tube extraction force of about 5 ml of ink (ink drawn attention not to let the process of the inner cylinder rebound syringe will cause each printhead mixing phenomenon occurs), if in the process due to pumping ink when the printhead protector Mifengbuyan newspaper, you can     hand nudge Mexican trucks to ensure the protection of the printhead and the printhead a good seal. Pumping ink after cleaning software.3, priming cleaning: removing the ink vehicle, disconnect the ink bag, a syringe containing cleaning fluid hose and printhead ink column is connected to the proper pressure injection, Withdrawing, perpendicular to the printhead discharge complete thin line. 4, print Cleaning: "head cleaner" instead of clogging the printheads of the ink phenomenon, using vector graphics software to print the patches of color, to clear the printhead clogging, again in exchange for the original ink. Epson Piezo print head maintenance methods: such as making photo machine is idle for a long time, you need to head professional maintenance, maintenance methods and procedures for the following: 1, the correct method from the printer to the nozzle removed, and clean residual ink stains; 2, using the nozzle cleaning agent thoroughly cleaned nozzle; 3,to each ink nozzle column dedicated injection nozzle maintenance agents; more than for the domestic piezoelectric photo machine head Epson fifth generation routine maintenance points, including head cleaning and maintenance methods
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